LEGO Stop Motion Animation Class

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Today, some of our students worked on understanding the basics of LEGO Stop Motion Animation and what all goes in to creating a LEGO movie. LEGO animation is a great class – it gives our students a chance to exercise many of their creative abilities – from thinking about a storyline to storyboarding the movie scenes, thinking of character personalities, composing music and matching it to the scenes, actually animating the LEGO piece frame by frame and putting it all together with movie credits to make their final movie.

Check out some of the fun that the kids had with LEGO Stop Motion Animation at Game Crazy Academy this past weekend.

Students storyboarding their movie idea:

Game Crazy Academy Animation

Here is one of our student explaining a programming concept called “looping” by playing a video game where she has to make the characters in the game do something by coding the characters using command blocks.

More fun in the classroom learning how to create 2D cartoon animations, setting up the LEGO stage to shoot their movie and more.

Photo Jun 13, 3 44 39 PM

Photo Jun 13, 3 41 07 PM

Photo Jun 13, 3 41 21 PM

We will continue our learning journey next weekend. If you would like to enroll your child at Game Crazy Academy and try us out free for 2 weeks, go to our website and register today.

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