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There are lots of Math and English tutoring services in the metro Detroit area. What makes Game Crazy Academy any different? I’m glad you asked! 🙂

  1. Personalized Curriculum: Our Guides (instructors) start off by creating a personal Math and English tutoring curriculum for your child to work on. This personal Math and English tutoring  curriculum is called a Playlist. Think of a playlist as a collection of learning resources, just like your iPod playlist is a collection of songs that you’ve put together. Based on the results of an initial assessment which tells us what competence level your child has in Math and English, our Guides will use a mix of different learning resources like online videos, games, animations, podcasts, websites and documents to create a playlist that focuses on a particular concept. For example, your child who is in Grade 4 might be assigned 2 playlists:
    1. One playlist on 3rd grade Place Values (because the results of the initial assessment tells us that your child is at 3rd grade comprehension level for Place Value)
    2. Another playlist  on 4th Grade Addition.

      Students will be assigned their own laptops. Using headphones, students can browse through their personal playlist and review the curriculum without getting disturbed by other students. Here is what a playlist might look like:

      Game Crazy Academy Blended Learning Personalized Playlist

      Here are some kids going through their personal playlist in class:

      Game Crazy Academy Blended Learning

  1. Teaching At A Child’s Own Pace: We are not fans of repetition and rote memorization like some other tutoring services. We believe that every child learns at a different pace and they should be taught at their own pace. Since our curriculum is full of fun videos, animations and games, kids can learn these concepts by playing the curriculum at their own pace. Struggling with a concept? Simply rewind the lesson and view the content again. We also provide different types of resources to teach the same concept so that students can gravitate towards whichever resources they prefer (eg: games over online videos). If your child is struggling with a concept, our Guides will offer group instructions in small group sessions. Students who are still struggling are then offered 1:1 personal tutoring on the concept.
  2. Demonstrating Mastery: Before a child can move on to learning the next concept, they need to demonstrate mastery of the current concept by doing two things:
    1. Take an Assessment – Each playlist is assigned a multiple choice assessment that students will need to pass.
    2. Carry out 3 Mastery Activities – Once they pass they multiple choice assessment, they need to carry out 3 different tasks that demonstrate further mastery of the concept. For example, the 3 mastery activities for demonstrating knowledge of Place Values might be:
      1. Create a Power Point Presentation to explain the concept of Place Value.
      2. Use a LEGO NXT robot and program it to write out different numbers on a piece of paper and the robot needs to speak out the place value of a certain digit that it wrote out.
      3. Teach another student who is struggling with Place Values.
  3. Detailed & Actionable Reports: At every step of the way, our software will track the progress of every child and pro-actively suggest actions for our Guides. Parents will be able to view what their child is working on, view notes from our Guides, photos and videos of their child’s mastery activities and much more.
  4. Teaching Entrepreneurship and Computer Science: In addition to this unique approach to teaching kids about Math and English, we will also teach kids how to be critical thinkers and prepare them to be entrepreneurs and Computer Scientists. Students will learn about all aspects of starting their own business by working on hands-on activities in all of these areas shown below (this is a sample of our Entrepreneurship curriculum):

    Game Crazy Academy - Entrepreneurship Class For Kids

Personalized curriculum, teaching kids at their own pace, small group and 1:1 lessons, demonstrating mastery activities through hands-on activities, detailed actionable reports & a focus on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. These are just some of the ways in which we are different than any other Math and English tutoring company in the metro Detroit area.

To find out more about the Academy, and to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial, please visit or call us at 888-55-GAMECRAZY (888-554-2632).