Tutoring In Math, English, Entrepreneurship & Computer Science For Elementary, Middle School & High School Kids

Game Crazy Academy Curriculum

What Will Kids Learn?

Class Schedule & Curriculum

Location: Unity Church - 32500 W 13 Mile Rd, Farmington, MI 48334
     Computer Science - 9+ years old
     Entrepreneurship - 9+ years old
     Math - 3rd grade onwards
     English - 3rd grade onwards
Days: Saturday.
     Computer Science - 12:30pm-2:30pm & 3pm-5pm.
     Math, English & Entrepreneurship - To be announced.
Math & English Curriculum
       - Use digital playlists with teacher curated personalized content
          to teach common core Math and English.
       - Digital playlists are made up of videos, animations, games and
          other fun resources that kids can practice at their own pace.
       - Each playlist also has an assessment and 3 activities that students
          need to pass to demonstrate mastery of that Math or English concept.

Computer Science Curriculum
Our CS curriculum is an on-going, multi-year curriculum that runs all year long, not just something that we teach over 5 classes. Each new subject builds on previous learnings. Our teaching system allows your child to join our classes at any time and progress through the curriculum at their own pace.
       - Learn programming & LOTS more using project based learning:
              - Drag and drop programming
              - Design 2D and 3D video games
              - Learn about electronic circuits using Minecraft & actual circuits
              - Program robots to solve complex problems
              - Learn LUA programming using Minecraft
              - Animatronics, virtual reality and 3D printing
              - Learn Python & Java programming by developing Minecraft mods
              - Build apps for mobile devices
              - Rube Goldberg challenges
              - Web development, source control, testing best practices & more!

Entrepreneurship & Money Management Curriculum
       - Students will learn about all aspects of starting a business:
              - All aspects of personal finances
              - Understand good and bad debt
              - The importance of saving
              - What it takes to be an entrepreneur
              - Coming up with an idea
              - How to pitch an idea
              - Conducting market research
              - Creating a marketing plan
              - Hiring, sales, operations & much more!

Parents can choose to enroll their child(ren) in just one subject or a combination of subjects. All content will be taught through fun animations, videos and games. No boring lectures in our Academy!

Each week, students will work on a variety of hands-on projects to apply theory to practice - from building and operating robots to designing circuits to creating Rube Goldberg machines, learning to program in Minecraft, conducting market research for their business idea, pitching to investors to raise money and much much more. Every day will be a new and exciting learning experience for your child!

Our curriculum and projects are intended to get kids 10+ years of age exposed to entrepreneurship, money management and computer science from an early age. In addition, we will teach kids valuable life lessons like failing early and failing often, team work, leadership and more.

We want to create an atmosphere where your kids will WANT to come to learn. Our mission is to create higher order thinkers and equip them with the tools necessary to succeed in college and in life.

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