Game Crazy Academy FAQs

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Where are you located?
We teach at Unity Church located at 32500 W 13 Mile Rd, Farmington, MI 48334. We will open other locations in the future in other cities in the metro Detroit area.

What subjects do you teach at the Game Crazy Academy?
We currently teach Computer Science at the academy. We will be introducing Math, English and Entrepreneurship in the near future.

Our Computer Science curriculum is a highly comprehensive, yet fun, hands-on program where students will learn a wide range of concepts ranging from abstract programming, creating 2D and 3D video games, programming robots and Minecraft mods in Java, basic and intermediate website development, database design, Ruby and much more. Our Computer Science course is designed to span multiple levels. During the first level, students are gently introduced to different programming concepts through hands-on experiences like video game design, robotics, programming in Minecraft, electronic circuits and other topics. In the second level, they start programming in Python, JavaScript and Java. They also work on cutting edge curriculum like designing their own wearables, working with animatronics, 3D printing and more. By the third and fourth level, they are taught hardware basics, Photoshop and web application development, Internet of Things, virtual reality, agile methodology basics and soft skills needed to succeed in the real world as a programmer. All our lectures are conducted in a blended learning environment using personalized, digitized curriculum that is supplemented by hands-on, project based learning.

What is your teaching philosophy? How are you different from other tutoring centers like Kumon?
At the Game Crazy Academy, we believe that every child is unique and has their own learning pace. In classrooms across America, not much has changed in over a 100 years. A teacher stands in front of the class and teaches while the kids listen and try to keep up. However, if a child is struggling and falls behind, that child loses interest. The same goes for the child that grasps the concept quickly and has to wait for the rest of the class to catch up. We believe that it is time to change this model of education. We feel like students learn better when they feel more in control of their own learning and they can learn at their own pace.

We take a blended learning approach to education. Our Guides (instructors) will create a personalized playlist of content for each child. Think of the playlist like the playlist on your iPod. Our educational playlist is made up of educational cartoons, video games, podcasts and other resources that explains that concept. Your child can pick and choose which resource they want to use to learn that concept. At the start of every week, our Guides sit down with your child and help them come up with a learning plan that outlines their goals for the week based on their competency. Once the goals are set, your child is given autonomy to use whatever resources they want in their playlist to meet their learning goals.

Each playlist also contains at least 3 assessments that your child needs to pass to demonstrate mastery of that concept. In addition to our personalized curriculum approach, each child will also receive lots of hands-on, project based learning opportunities - whether it is learning to program a robot or creating their own video games or learning to write their own Minecraft mods in Java and much more. With the help of strong, dynamic and personalized online content that kids can follow at their own pace, along with our Guides freeing up their time to intervene at the right moment, our blended learning model allows students to be more accountable for their learning path.

Just as every child learns at their own pace, each child has their own learning preferences. Your child might prefer to work alone while another child might prefer to work in a group. Your child might like to sit at a desk while learning while another child prefers to sprawl out on the floor. Your child might be an auditory learner (prefers listening to lectures) while another child is a kinesthetic learner (prefers to learn by doing something). At Game Crazy Academy, we take these preferences in to consideration when teaching your child. We create a Learner Profile for every student and our Guides incorporate different teaching styles to take your child's learner profile in to account. We do not label a child as a specific type of learner as learning profiles can change over time, but taking their learning preferences in to account has shown to impact how quickly they grasp a certain concept.

In addition to all of this, we have developed a Learning Management System that keeps track of each student's progress in class and pro-actively identifies students who are falling behind in class and what course of action our Guides should take to help those students. As if all this was not enough to convince you that we are different from all other tutoring centers, we are the only center in Michigan that teaches kids Common Core Math & English, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, all under one roof using our blended learning approach!

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How old does my child have to be to attend your classes?
For our Math and English classes, your child needs to be in 3rd grade or higher. For our Computer Science and Entrepreneurship classes, your child will need to be 10+ years of age.

What is the cost per subject?
You can choose to enroll your child in as many of the following subjects as you wish. The pricing is as follows:
      - Math - $150/month
      - English - $150/month
      - Computer Science - $185/month
      - Entrepreneurship - $185/month
For more information on class schedule and curriculum, click here

What are the class timings?
Computer Science classes will be held on Saturdays from 12:30pm-2:20pm and 3pm-5pm. Additional Computer Science classes will be added as our class size grows. We will announce days and times for Math, English and Entrepreneurship once we complete the curriculum for those classes.

What is the size of each class? What is the student to teacher ratio?
Our class size will never exceed more than 35 students per class. We will have 1 teacher for every 12 students in class.

Who will teach the classes?
All our classes will be taught by our Guides - school and college teachers and working professionals with a background in Math, English & Computer Science. Using our Learning Management System software, our Guides will partner with you and your child's school teacher to ensure that your child's learning plan is on track. Our Guides undergo fingerprinting and extensive background checks to ensure the safety of our students and the academy. We encourage you to come down to the academy to meet with our instructors to see for yourself how they interact with your child and how much fun you child has in our classroom.

Will my child get individual attention from your Guides?
At the Game Crazy Academy, we believe in developing self-directed learners - students who can take charge of their own learning. However, every child is different and learns at their own pace, so our Guides are always very involved in each child's learning path. We have different levels of Guide interaction and support. For students who are initially struggling, our Guides will provide Tier 2 support, which involves pulling together a smaller group of students struggling with the same concept and doing a group lesson. For students who are really falling behind, our Guides will provide Tier 3 support, which is 1:1 tutoring with the child. Our Learning Management System keeps track of how well each child is doing in our class and will proactively point out students who are falling behind so that our Guides can pay extra attention to those students.

How do you customize your curriculum to my child's learning pace? What happens if my child falls behind in class?
Every child is given an initial assessment when they join our academy. That will tell our Guides what their grasp is of the different concepts in the curriculum. Based on the results of the assessment, our Guides will curate content specific to your child, put them in a playlist and assign the playlist to your child. Our Learning Management System will track the progress of your child as he or she works through the content of that playlist. If your child starts to struggle with the content, our Guides will do mini-group tutoring sessions with your child and other kids who are struggling with the same concept. Every playlist assigned will have 3 assessments that your child will have to pass to demonstrate mastery of the concept. If they fail even one of the assessments, our Guides will do 1:1 tutoring with your child to further solidify the concept and your child will be asked to repeat the assessment that they failed. In addition, our Learning Management System will proactively instruct our Guides as to what your child should be learning next. Your child will get intervention at the right times to ensure that he or she continues down her learning path, all the while having fun learning using a blend of digital and hands-on learning material.

Does my child need previous programming knowledge to take your Computer Science course?
No. Students do not need any prior programming experience to take our Computer Science course. Our curriculum is designed to teach Computer Science concepts from the ground up, starting from basic computer skills like keyboarding, using a word processor, spreadsheet and other basic skills. The student then graduates to a gentle introduction of programming concepts in a highly abstract way by learning to design simple video games, before graduating to learning how to program robots and then slowly start learning how to write code in Minecraft before finally learning about Java and more complicated Computer Science concepts. If your child already has experience with typing or they already know the software that we use to design 2D video games, then our Learning Management System will point that out to our Guides and your child will not have to re-take those courses and get bored in class.

What is a typical Computer Science class like at your academy?
At the start of every week, our Guides will sit down with each student and review their learning objectives for the week. The students will then work through their playlist items for half of the class. For the rest of the class, they will work on hands-on projects directly related to the concept that they are learning. For example, if your child is learning about conditional statements (if-then-else), they might be asked to write some code in Minecraft to create a password protected door. If the right password is entered, then the door will open. Otherwise the user will be presented with an error message or something else might happen. This direct, hands-on, project based blended learning method that we use to teach all our courses will get kids excited, keep things fresh and help them retain the concepts being taught without any boring lectures in the classroom.

Does my child have to bring their own computer or do you provide the necessary equipment?
We will provide your child with everything. From personal laptops to all the necessary software to robot kits, electronic circuits and more, we bring everything to the classroom. Your child just needs to show up and bring their curiosity and enthusiasm to learn!

How do you track progress that my child makes in class? Am I notified of their progress through some sort of report?
We knew from the start that involving parents and the child's classroom teacher in to the child's learning experience at our academy will help the child learn faster. Plus, as parents, we want to provide you with transparency as to what is going on in our classrooms. So from the start, we have invested heavily in our own Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS not only helps you enroll your child and keep track of payments, it also provides you and your child with detailed dashboards and reports on the progress that your child is making every week. We also share this data with your child's classroom teacher to close the loop so that the teacher can gain deeper insight as to where your child is in their learning path and help your child in the classroom as well. Our LMS also provides detailed reports to our Guides as to how and when our Guides need to intervene and help your child. So when it comes to tracking progress, you will find that our LMS will give you more data in to your child's progress than most other institutions.

What is your 14 day free trial all about?
Our blended approach to education is newer and currently not being followed in most schools across America. So we want you and your child to experience our blended learning model, gauge the quality of our Guides (instructors), see first hand how excited your child is to attend our classes and learn in a fun, hands-on environment. So come try us absolutely free for 14 days. No strings attached. Within 14 days, if you are not happy with any aspect of our classroom and wish to cancel your membership, we will thank you for giving us a try, hopefully learn something from you about our operations that caused you to cancel and not charge you a single penny. We will then go to work on fixing the things that caused you to cancel so that we can get better and better at teaching students at our location in the future. So yes, we are offering you an absolutely free trial for 14 days, so come try us out. You have nothing to lose!

How do I enroll my child in your classes?
Fill out our online contact form by clicking here or calling us at 888-55-GAMECRAZY (888-554-2632). Someone will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how you can try us out free for 14 days and discuss next steps with you.

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